Woman to Woman: A Guide to Lesbian Sexuality

Welcome to the official website of Woman to Woman, the ground breaking book written by Carol Booth.

First released by Simon & Schuster in 2002, and way ahead of its time, this book has now been republished Ocean Reeve Publishing.

Carol is the rural doctor who wrote Australia’s first how-to-do-it guide for lesbian women.

After its 2002 launch, Woman to Woman: A Guide to Lesbian Sexuality was a best seller in Australia and was successfully released in the USA, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Just in time for her 20th birthday  Woman to Woman  has now been released as an ebook and a paperback .


2021 Reviews

2021 Reviews from Amazon:

“This is a great book. Modest and friendly, comprehensive, down-to-earth and sexy, it will be life changing for many women wanting to know more about their sexuality…”

“This book is a re-release of the original paperback, so, as the new introduction explains, there are some limitations … and many of the links in the Resources section are outdated. That one thing aside, this book is so beautiful…. If you, or someone you know, is curious about what women do together in bed, then this is a wonderful way to learn and explore.”

Reviews of the original 2002 edition

“For anyone who is a lesbian, has thought they might be a lesbian, has lesbian “tendencies” or has a lesbian mum, friend, sister or girlfriend…then Woman to Woman will be more than welcome…One might almost call this “Little Book of Esteem”, though… it is much more than that. It’s a how-to, a why-is-that and oh!-so that’s what-it-means! for anyone who has a hankering to find out exactly what is what.”

Sarah Bacon, Sydney Star Observer, Thursday 4th April 2002

“Woman to Woman is more than just ‘a guide to lesbian sexuality’, nor does it simply fall into the ‘how to’ genre. It is a truly comprehensive and celebratory compilation of the lesbian life. The first Australian book of its type, Woman to Woman does not raise a lot of new questions for the reader, but instead it provides answers to old ones which are rarely adequately addressed… the most impressive aspect of Woman to Woman is its readability. Peppered with wisdom, humour and diverse experiences of Australian lesbians… Woman to Woman takes the reader on a journey. Enjoy the trip!”

Cate Cusky, Outbiz, 2002

“Woman to Woman is an immensely practical book….This book is very much about empowering women by providing them with knowledge about their bodies and their rights…What makes Woman to Woman stand out amongst the lesbian literature is Booth’s conscious inclusion of such a wide range of women’s voices and, consequently diverse perspectives on what it means to be a lesbian.”

Evelyn Hartogh, 2002